Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Grumpy sort of Birthday

Hello! A quick post to share a birthday card that I made for my brother in law.  I am not sure if he really likes this dwarf at all.  His wife is a cast member at Disneyland and seems to collect shirts with Grumpy on the front for him..
so I took that idea and made this card. 

Jaded Blossom
Sentiment- Sassy Pants

Grumpy - Cricut, Happily Ever After Cartridge

Have a wonderful day!


julia b said...

Love this! very, very cute

jean said...

wow Grumpy is so beautifully made ,great card!!!

Roseanna Terrio said...

So sweet!

Debbie Skluzak said...

He is my favorite, I will have to make my own birthday card, LOL