Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Imagine Wallet

I give up!  I must have an Cricut Imagine so the savings begin.  I was inspired to make this wallet with "the prize" on the front by an design by Aphra Bolyer in the May Issue of the Cricut Circle Magazine, page 19.   Alphra made this cute Father's Day wallet that you can store a gift card and some memories to share with your #1 Dad in your life.  On a side note, my #1 Dad said he would happily support my crafting.  So, maybe my wallet will be a little fluffy soon. 

Cricut Cartridges:
$ - A Child's Year
Base- Shall We Dance
Imagine Machine and title- Cricut Everyday

Wallet:  A fabulous Pleather Wallet from 99 Cent Store, LOL


Staying Crafty said...

OK - this is one of the CUTEST ideas I have ever seen! I am really, really loving it :) Maybe I will make a jar or something for my crafty cash (even though I never have any cuz I spend it in about 1 second *LOL*)

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

very cute!!! :-)

girlia said...