Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rx: Monkey Poop

Hello Everyone! Today is my post on the Jaded Blossom Blog.  I was visiting my dad while he was teasing someone on the phone that the will have to eat "monkey poop" to fix their stomach ache. I promptly replied to my dad, "I will make you some monkey poop."  (the bag is filled with unwrapped tootsie rolls)  Be careful what you say around a crafter :D

Here is a closer look at the "monkey poop" topper. The cute monkey is from Cricut, Create-A-Critter.

Jaded Blossom
sentiments - "monkey" Monkey See Monkey Do 
                    "poop"   Unicorns and Glitter 

Thanks for checking out my project today!


2craftykaties said...

Love it Mel! You're right, people do need to be careful what they say around a crafter!! Create a Critter (1 and 2) are still my favorite Cricut carts!

teachdanz said...

cute!! funny how inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime ;)